I Always Knew A Mother’s Love Was Strong, But This Is ANGELIC. And She Died To Do It.

Juan was living with damaged vision since he was only 5 years-old. He was nearly blind. What his mother did for him on her deathbed is so

Miriam Aguirre Santos wanted to give the gift of sight to her son after she passed away. Her final wish was to donate her corneas to Juan.

When he was only 5, Juan Aguirre was involved in a car accident that stole his vision. A drunk driver hit the car he was in, badly damaging his corneas. His vision was permanently and severely blurry.

But after his mother passed away on September 30th, he underwent the first ever mother-son corneal transplant surgery.

The surgery was a success and Juan was amazed at his mother’s selfless gift. “It’s like a whole new world has opened up.”

When she suffered the heart attack that stole her life, she reiterated to the doctors that she desperately wanted to give her son her eyes.

Not only did she save her son’s vision, but her kidneys and liver helped save other people’s lives.

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