She Shoved Her Own Child Out Of The Car And Sped Off. Now She’s In Police Custody.

Most parents can’t imagine their children crying alongside a highway, lost and confused.

Then again, most children would never be in that situation. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for one precious five-year-old girl whose mother opened her car door and shoved the little girl out onto the sidewalk with some of her belongings and drove off. Crazily enough, this woman also has a one-year-old baby who was in the back seat the whole time.

At 8:30 p.m., the woman left the little girl on the sidewalk at an intersection in San Francisco. Fortunately, an ambulance just so happened to be driving by and witnessed the incident. They said the girl did not appear to be physically injured.

People at the location, which is near the San Francisco Zoo, informed police that prior to the girl’s abandonment, they saw the woman throwing items and a man on a skateboard fleeing.

The man has been identified as the father of the one-year-old, and he has cooperated with police to help them find the mother. She’s now in police custody.

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