This May Look Like A Rubik’s Cube, But It’s Something You’ll Want In Your Office.

It’s 2014. Most people don’t care about the Rubik’s Cube anymore. (Unless you have trained for hours in order to solve it in 30 seconds.) Most just write it off as a toy from the 1980s…

The epic folks at ThinkGeek, though, have not. You can buy one of the coolest Rubik’s Cube-themed office toys in the world from their website:

It may look like a Rubik’s Cube…

But what? ALAKAZAM! …it’s a fridge!

Being nerdy is cool.

We’ve already bought one for the offices, so if you want to join the party, head over to ThinkGeek and get yours right away. Because like the original toy, they’re not likely to be “cool” for long…

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